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With the price of water increasing year after year, water conservation methods are a critical component of today’s landscape management package. Landscape management includes proper water management through the use of time proven techniques, technology, and weather monitoring. AYR works closely with manufacturers and distributors to make sure we are recommending the best application for your specific needs.


AYR employee training begins with teaching the foundations of Sustainable Landscape Management. Protecting your resources as well as those of the environment is a win win scenario. In our desert conditions, specific procedures need to be followed to protect the health of the trees, shrubs, and turf. This in turn will save you money in plant and tree replacements, water, and the cost of remediation treatments from improper landscape management.



All Year Round Landscape and Tree Service provides the following comprehensive services:


Landscape Management

By definition, to professionally manage your landscape is to combine all aspects of your landscape and follow horticulturally sound methods to care for it. To care for trees, shrubs, groundcover, flowers, turf, and soil, a pro-active plan with knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced personnel must be implemented to produce a quality end result.


Arbor Care

Trees are one of your most valuable assets. We can help you protect this investment through a regular tree care program annualized so trees are pruned during the right time of year.


Arbor Diagnostics and Treatment

Often times, trees can be nurtured back to health from some serious conditions. If a disease is present, it is important to know what disease in case it can infect your other trees and plants. Did you know even a tree split down the center of the trunk could be repaired? If the damage doesn’t go too deep, we can make repairs and save what could be an expensive removal and replacement.


Landscape Construction and Enhancements

AYR is proud to offer suggestions to improve your curb appeal in a way that is affordable and with conservation in mind. With a constant eye on water and power conservation, we can provide suggestions to decrease water and power use from desert adapted trees and shrubs to LED lightscapes. This will enable you to create the oasis you deserve without having to worry about the high utility costs down the road.


Shrub and Groundcover Care

Proper shrub and groundcover care includes appropriate irrigation and pruning methods. For sustainable benefits to be realized, a comprehensive plan including seasonal renovation pruning, hand pruning, and correct water input is combined to produce the original architect's plan for each micro-climate on your property.


Turf Management

Proper lawn mowing is fairly basic, however, a basic task can be damaging if equipment is not maintained correctly. Something as simple as a blade that has not been properly monitored can open a lawn up to disease either through dull blades or disease transfer.


Soil Management

Without proper soil management, all other aspects of your landscape can fail to produce to their full potential. By taking a soil test to determine the soil needs, adding fertilizer could be more damaging or wasteful than helpful. A full array of options are available to amend poor soil conditions including aeration, deep water flushing, synthetic soil cleaning, and other effective processes.


Irrigation Management

With the cost of water increasing each year, it is necessary for your landscape contractor to have an irrigation program in place. Simply setting general parameters on a standard clock and changing them a couple times each year is insufficient. Each season has a test phase of irrigation management that requires a lot of time to monitor inadequate watering vs. over watering.


We also offer:


•  Diagnosis/Treatment

•  Consultation

•  Proper Pruning

•  Trimming

•  Tree Removal

•  Stump Removal

•  Cabling/Staking

•  Olive Spraying

•  Weed Control

•  Deep Root Fertilization

•  Land Clearing

•  Backflow Testing







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